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Hello Community,

My name is Wilson Vazquez, and I am a Chicago native, born and raised on the west side. I have been a proud Teamster of Local 700 for almost 25 years while working as a Motor Truck Driver and Equipment Training Specialist. Being a union member has provided me stability and security to raise my family with pride and dignity. I have decided to run for State Senator in the 2nd District with the purpose of ensuring that families have the ability to raise their children the way I did. I strongly support unions who have made sure workers are treated with respect and have rights in the workplace making it easier to accomplish those goals.

It is an honor to run as your State Senator and be able to fight for

  • Labor unions, to protect our pensions and expand access to healthcare

  • Advocate for fair and adequate funding for infrastructure and our schools; and

  • Protect the rights of all people including LGBTQ+, Pro-Choice, and eliminate pay disparities to close the gender wage gap

This is why I’m asking for your vote - We have an opportunity for a new start with lots of potential. I appreciate your support in advocating for our community

Your Friend, 

            Wilson Vazquez

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